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21 / 11 / 2011

International Specialized Exhibition SKLAD. TRANSPORT. LOGISTIKA'2011. POST-RELEASE

Sklad. Transport. Logistika’2011, the 18th International Specialized Exhibition for Logistics, Transportation, Automation and Mechanization of Storage and Handling Operations was successfully held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds on October 25-28, 2011. The Project was realized by Expocentre with the support and participation of the RF Ministry of Transport, the RF Ministry of Agriculture, under the auspices of the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Moscow City Government. 

The Sklad. Transport. Logistika International Exhibition rewarded with the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) logos is the largest Russian show in the field of logistic management and promotes the national transport – logistic infrastructure developing.  The increasing interest in the Exhibition is caused by expansion of the logistic services market in Russia, dynamic development of the warehouse business and the growth of need for effective cargo transportation of a qualitatively new level. 

At the opening ceremony President of the Freight Forwarders Guild Semen M. Rezer congratulated all participants on the opening of “the remarkable and very important for Russia as well as very significant on a world-wide scale exhibition”. Mr. Rezer pointed out great importance of logistic systems and technologies to raise competitive capacity of the Russian economy and underscored the peculiar significance of the container transport system application. Handling machinery, containers and other facilities exhibited at the Show will enable enterprises to minimize expenses.

In his speech Alexander G. Boiko, Executive Director of the National Confederation of Packagers Nonprofit Partnership, Chairman of Sub-Committee for Packing Industry Development at the RF CCI Committee for Industrial Development noted that the goods quality and attraction directly depended on their packing. Today packing is an efficient tool to promote and raise competitive capacity of products. The packing equipment and technologies market in Russia was in its development stage, and the Sklad. Transport. Logistika Exhibition gave a new impetus to that positive process.

Representatives of  117 companies and organizations from 16 countries that included Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine participated in the Sklad. Transport. Logistika’2011 International Specialized Show.    

The best products of well-known foreign companies operating in the storage and transport-and-logistic markets including SSI SCHAFER, Viastore Systems, TVH, Quantum, Aleda s.r.l., Vаnderlande, Equinox, Hyster, Schoeller Arca Systems and many others were demonstrated on the total area of over 9 000 sq. meters.

Such companies as System Russia (Russia/Italy), Camoplast Solideal (Luxemburg),  Instroytekhkom-Center and Komek Machinery - the  KOMATSU official dealers, Made4net (Israel), Modern Expo Group (Ukraine), Savoye (France),  Zetes (Belgium), Rid Logistic (Austria), UCGE (Turkey), and Automation – the Zhejiang UN Forklift Co. (China) official dealer participated  in the Exhibition for the first time.  

Recent developments and equipment, innovation ideas and technologies related to logistics were exhibited by Russian companies including  Fabs Logistic, Kifato MT Trading House, Polimetall-M, Solvo, Solos, META.RU, Forklift, Amet, Mikron Opytny Zavod, Constructor Rus, Russky Stellazh, Shelving Systems International, New Technologies LS,  First Logistic,  Ant Technologies, Maxilog, Gradient, SKT, MSO-12 and others.    

Teko-Terminal, Wellman Logistics, Vnukovo-Kargo, TLS, Lion-Logistics and other companies displayed the storage, transportation and customs services for the first time. 

The Warehouse Equipment; Warehouse Machinery; Warehouse Immovable Property; Logistics; Information  Technologies, Freight Services;   Personnel Training thematic sections of the Exhibition and the TransPack Salon continue developing.  

The Exhibition programme of business-related events reflected topical issues of the industry development, what undoubtedly enables to promote progressive logistic technologies and modern techniques being in great demand in the market in today’s situation.     

The International Conference, Russia Byelorussia – Kazakhstan Customs Union: New Scores for Business was held by the Expert Council on Customs Regulation under the aegis of the Russian Federal Customs Service.  Issues relating to modification of legislation in regard to customs procedures, administrative and criminal liability for infringement of customs regulations, customs appraisement in the Customs Union, technical regulation and certification, and new technologies were discussed at the Conference.   

The International Conferences, Supply Chain Management and Warehousing Technologies in Modern Business, and Selection of Warehouse Management System (WMS) by the Example of Successful Solutions as well as seminars, Integration of Drive-in Pallet Racks and Radio-Controlled Shuttles AUTOSAT, and Modern Technologies of the Logistic Infrastructure Management comprised issues of creating efficient logistic systems for the commodity mass processing and the high-technology equipment application.     

The KOMATSU Japanese Company’s loading machinery was demonstrated within the bounds of the exhibition.   

Sklad. Transport. Logistika’2011 was of great interest to the industry professionals. The Exhibition was visited by over 8 000 specialists.  The Show provided favorable conditions for efficient business relations and conclusion mutually beneficial bargains.  

We invite you to participate in Sklad. Transport. Logistika’2012, the 19th International Exhibition for Logistics, Transportation, Automation and Mechanization of Storage and Handling Operations that will take place at the Expocentre Fairgrounds on September 4 - 7, 2011.                                                                                     

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